Audited financial statements

At Effective Altruism Australia Ltd we seek to provide regular and transparent reporting on our activities, operations and performance. Our website has frequent updates regarding our partner charities, which is designed to provide an insight into the work we do, our impact and our partner charities. On an annual basis, we also produce financial statements which are then audited.

Operational Costs

Running any charity has costs. To get your donation to its destination we need to meet our regulatory obligations and cover the costs of auditors, accountants, government registrations, banking facilities, websites, software and more. Like most charities, a portion of each donation goes to these kinds of expenses. In the last financial year (2021-2022), our operational expenses were 1.8% of the overall amount of donations we received. Some donors also choose to directly fund our operational costs so that a higher proportion of other donations can go directly to partner charities (in the 2021-2022 financial year 68.7% of our operational costs were directly funded).

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