Get Involved

Join your local EA group

There are Effective Altruism groups located across Australia and New Zealand, where friendly people hold inclusive social events and discussions, host speakers, and run projects aimed at doing good. Get in touch with your local EA group to find out what’s happening in your city.

Take the pledge

Giving What We Can are a community of people who have pledged to give at least 10% of their income to organisations that do the most good. That’s a big commitment, so if you’re interested in testing it out first, you could consider their Try Giving pledge. This involves making a short-term commitment to give a percentage of your income of your choosing to the most effective charities. Find out more here.  

Share our ideas

One of the best ways everyone can help beyond donating is simply to talk about effective giving with their family and friends. You can easily multiply your impact by raising awareness of the good we can achieve by donating to the most effective charities. Invite your friends to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or send them the link to our mailing list. Have a look at Giving What We Can’s helpful summary of key facts and resources.  


Include Effective Altruism Australia in your workplace giving program

We have found that workplaces are often receptive to the evidence and efficiency-driven approach of Effective Altruism Australia, so why not have a conversation at your workplace about us? If you’re interested in having Effective Altruism Australia included in your workplace giving program, please email  

Help us at Effective Altruism Australia

Effective Altruism Australia is an almost entirely volunteer-run organisation. If you are keen to get involved in helping out, contact with details of your background and skills, where you’re located, and how you might like to get more involved.  

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