Volunteer for EA Australia

Fundraise for us

Host a fundraising event with your friends or at your school or workplace

  • There are lots of ways to go about fundraising. It could be holding an event at your school or workplace, doing a physical challenge like running a marathon, or hosting a fundraising event like a gala dinner, speaker event or trivia night with your friends. Apart from making more money available for grants to highly effective charities, your event would also be helping to spread the idea of thinking about effectiveness and evidence when thinking about charity.

  • If you’re interested in fundraising for us, please let us know by sending an email to bridget.williams@eaa.org.au so we can help you to get the most out of your event, and acknowledge your hard work on our web page.

Talk to your workplace about including Effective Altruism Australia in a workplace giving program

  • A lot of workplaces have a workplace giving program which involves employees donating a small portion of their pre-tax pay to a charitable organisation. Some workplaces even match donations up to a certain amount. Inclusion in workplace giving programs would also increase the exposure of Effective Altruism Australia to a lot of new potential donors. We have found that workplaces are often receptive to the evidence and efficiency driven approach of Effective Altruism Australia, so why not have a conversation at your workplace about us?

  • If you’re interested in speaking to your workplace about having us included in a workplace giving program, please email bridget.williams@eaa.org.au for some tips and resources for a successful approach.

Consider taking Giving What We Can’s Try Giving pledge – where you can make a shorter term commitment to giving a percentage of your income to effective charities. Find out more here. https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/get-involved/try-giving/

Get involved and invite your friends

Introduce us to your friends

  • Invite your friends to like our facebook page or send them the link to our mailing list. You might be surprised by who is interested in the ideas behind Effective Altruism Australia.

  • If you have contacts who you think might be in a position to promote Effective Altruism Australia in a big way (such as journalists, event organisers, or people involved in decisions about large charitable donations) please get in touch with us by emailing bridget.williams@eaa.org.au, or encourage your contacts to get in touch, to discuss how we could best collaborate.

Get in touch with your local Effective Altruism group to find out what’s happening in your city.

Write for us

  • We’re currently in the process of increasing our website content and are looking towards establishing a blog which would be a forum for discussing ideas of evidence and efficiency in charity, the work of our partner organisations, and the Effective Altruism movement, especially within Australia.

  • If you already have your own blog and find our organisation and the ideas underpinning it interesting, then why not write a blog about us and link to our site?

  • If you think you have a good idea for a blog post, or want to write about us, please send an email to bridget.williams@eaa.org.au. Keep in mind that all content published by Effective Altruism Australia would need to be in line with our values and would be published subject to committee approval.

Research for us

  • As a fairly young organisation, and one rooted in the idea of evidence, we are interested in using research to improve the way we do things. If you have an idea for a research topic which you think might be useful, please get in touch by emailing bridget.williams@eaa.org.au.

Help us at events

  • Another way you can assist us is by letting us know you are interested in helping out at future Effective Altruism Australia events, or at fundraising events organised by other members of the Effective Altruism Australia community. Simply email bridget.williams@eaa.org.au with your CV, or an introduction to yourself, and let us know in what capacity and where you would be able to help out, and we’ll be in touch when opportunities arise.

Have another idea?

  • If you think there is another way you can help our organisation, which isn’t listed here, then please email bridget.williams@eaa.org.au with a proposal of how you could work with us and an attached CV.