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We partner with the charities ranked by independent evaluators as being the most effective at saving and improving lives.

Effective Altruism Australia uses research from independent charity evaluators to find the most effective programs to partner with



We use research from GiveWell, The Open Philanthropy Project, Giving What We Can, The Life You Can Save, The Global Priorities Project, and academia to identify the best projects for saving lives.
Effective Altruism Australia collaborates with charities to most effectively help those worst off.



We partner with the charities that have been shown to be the most effective at changing lives.

Our Values


We value all lives equally, no matter when or where they’re born. We don’t discriminate on race, sex, creed or religion.


We want to see an end to global poverty and see humans flourish. We won’t stop until we’ve got there. We hope you’ll join us.


We focus on results, because they matter. We apply evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world and then act on them.

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