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Effective altruism is all about answering one question: How can we do the most good?

By using evidence and reason, we examine a wide range of causes and actions to figure out how to make the greatest impact. For many Australians, it turns out that donating money in support of interventions to alleviate poverty is one of the best ways to do good. Learn more


What we Do

Effective Altruism Australia partners with charities evaluated to be implementing the most transparent, cost-effective, and evidence-based programs for saving and improving lives. Your donation will go directly to support their programs, thereby helping to end poverty as soon as possible.

As a country with one of the highest GDPs per capita, Australia is in an excellent position to improve the lives of those less fortunate. We see ourselves as part of a global community committed to saving and improving the lives of people everywhere.

Who We Support

Our current partner charities are active in a number of African and Asian countries. They work in areas spanning malaria, intestinal worms and cash transfers to the world’s poorest.

Our Impact

Since founding in 2016, Effective Altruism Australia has received and granted more than A$10 million in donations to our various partner charities, including upwards of A$4 million in direct cash transfers and more than A$2 million to anti-parasitic worm interventions.

To find out more, including what impact your donation could have, visit our Impact Calculator.

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