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If you are new to the ideas of effective altruism and want to learn more, or if you already have a good understanding but want to discuss decisions about your career, donations, projects or general goals for the year, fill out the form here and we can arrange a chat.

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Learning more about effective altruism

Discuss the principles, cause areas, opportunities, and how these intersects with your values, interests, and expertise.  

Introductions to communities and individuals

Depending on your interests and needs, we can introduce you to groups and individuals based on location, profession, and cause area, both locally and globally. 

Career advice

Whether you are a uni student, thinking about a career transition, unsure what to do, or want advice with your current plan, we would be happy to discuss and explore your opportunities to do good with your career. We’d also be happy to discuss other big decisions, whether it be what to study or a big move.

Donation advice

If you’re thinking about where to give, we’d be happy to discuss different cause areas, charities, and donation platforms. We can also introduce you to collaborators at other organisations who might be better placed to help

More options

Our team at Effective Altruism Australia comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, all united by a shared commitment to doing good effectively.

If you’d like to talk with someone else in the EA community, there are a lot of options available to you:

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