EAA Environment Fund

Combat climate change effectively by donating to high impact, evidence based charities

What is this fund?

The EAA Environment Fund helps Australians to donate to the highest impact organisations working to combat climate change, worldwide.

Our two evaluation partners, Giving Green and Founders Pledge, perform rigorous research to identify some of the world’s most effective, evidence based, high leverage climate initiatives. And we choose charities for this fund that have been independently recommended by both organisations. This means that we can find the best opportunities for maximising your impact on climate. 

Donations of at least $2 are tax-deductible to donors in Australia.

Our evaluation partners spend over 4,000 hours a year researching high impact charities.

100% of donations to the fund go directly to our recommended charities

EAAE is independently supported by external donors who give directly to our operations.

What has the biggest impact on climate?

Most of us do what we can to help the environment – we use less electricity, use solar, recycle.

But, $1500 to some of the world’s most effective climate charities is more effective than doing all of those things combined.

The Effective Altruism Australia Environment Fund helps Australians support those charities, and amplify their climate impact.

Impact: tonnes of CO2 averted per year

Our Partner Climate Charities

Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force are working to decarbonise the global energy system to address climate change. They do this by advocating for the technologies and policies needed to get to a zero-emissions planet at an affordable cost. You can learn more about Clean Air Task Force from our evaluations partners: Giving Green and Founders Pledge.

Project Innerspace

Project Innerspace is working to unlock widespread, clean geothermal energy. They do this by supporting emerging technologies that will make geothermal energy viable in a far broader set of geographies. You can learn more about Project Interspace from Giving Green’s report on their work, as well as their report on the Geothermal Sector.

Opportunity Green 

Opportunity Green uses legal and policy approaches to reduce emissions from aviation and shipping. Aviation and shipping are two of the most neglected sectors of climate, as they are typically not included in any individual country’s emissions footprint. You can learn more about Opportunity Green from Giving Green’s deep dive on their work, as well as their deep dive on the aviation and shipping sectors.

Support effective climate charities

Make a donation to highly effective, evidence-based charities which address climate change.

Get personalised donation advice

Are you looking to make a larger donation, but have some questions? Let’s talk. We’d love to help you maximise your charitable impact.

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