Learning more about effective altruism

What's next?

There are numerous opportunities to engage with the global effective altruism movement and maximise the positive impact of your charitable giving and career choices. Here are some ways you can get involved and learn more:

Effective giving: Learn about how to give effectively at Giving What We Can, an organisation that promotes high-impact philanthropy. You can also join over 9000 people who have taken a pledge with Giving What We Can, committing to donate a percentage of their income to effective charities.

Impactful career: Discover how to make the most significant impact through your career by exploring resources from 80,000 Hours. This includes booking a one-on-one call with a career advisor and browsing their job board for high-impact opportunities.

Global community: Effective altruism is a global community, being applied by tens of thousands of people in more than 70 countries. You can connect with the community via: a range of specialised online groups, engage with the latest conversations and posts on the EA Forum, and explore all the latest events and conferences happening worldwide.

Learn more: You can learn more via the effective altruism handbook, or participate in an virtual program, where you can learn more about effective altruism principles and connect with other like-minded individuals from around the world.

Additional Resources

Investigate recommendations and resources on effective global poverty charities provided by GiveWell, an organisation that rigorously evaluates charities based on their cost-effectiveness and impact.

Delve into recommendations and resources on animal welfare charities through Animal Charity Evaluators, an organisation that identifies and promotes the most effective ways to help animals.

Stay up-to-date with the latest thoughts and discussions in the effective altruism community by reading the Effective Altruism Forum

By engaging with these resources and opportunities, you can deepen your understanding of effective altruism principles and make informed decisions about your giving and career choices, ultimately contributing to a more significant positive impact on the world.

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