Poverty Eradication Day: GiveDirectly match

GiveDirectly match

Effective Altruism Australia is supporting a match for GiveDirectly for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on November 7th.

Imagine living on just $2.15 a day. For 690 million people worldwide, this isn’t imagination—it’s a harsh reality. Every single day, they’re faced with challenges most of us could never fathom. The good news? Eradicating extreme poverty isn’t a high bar; it’s the absolute lowest, and together, we can clear it.

GiveDirectly’s cash transfer programs are an evidence-based and effective way to help those who are living in extreme poverty.

Rosine is a typical recipient of GiveDirectly’s transfers in Rwanda.

Rosine N. from Munini, Rwanda

“I became pregnant when I was in the second year of secondary school. Giving birth forced me to drop out, and my parents were unhappy about it because it added more responsibilities for them, even though our lives have always been a struggle. My baby is just one month old, and I’m already feeling overwhelmed by the expenses required to care for him. 

At times, I feel like a burden to my family, but I have to accept the situation and move forward. Occasionally, when my parents have some extra money, they help me buy baby soap and diapers. However, I can’t always rely on their assistance since they can barely afford to provide food for the family since they earn less than $1 (per day). I believe it’s safe to say that this transfer will be a lifesaver for me.”

Rosine N. – Munini, Rwanda

If you would like to offer matching funds for this campaign or future matching campaigns please contact grace.adams@eaa.org.au.

If you have any further questions about the matching campaign please contact grace.adams@eaa.org.au.

Terms and conditions of the match:

  • Donations will be matched 1:1 and will apply to the first $5,000 per donor. 
  • Donations must be received between Oct 16 – Nov 7, 2023 to be eligible for the match
  • Matched funds will be allocated to GiveDirectly’s main program 
  • Matched funds will either be donated directly via GiveDirectly USA in USD for the equivalent value in AUD, or given via Effective Altruism Australia in AUD
  • Matched funds will apply until they are exhausted (we currently have $36,000 confirmed in matching funds with more yet to be confirmed) at which point we will update our website to indicate that the matching funds have been exhausted
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