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Recruiting a Head of Community

Effective Altruism Australia (EAA) is looking for a Head of Community to help us grow effective altruism in Australia. We are also looking for another 1-2 full or part time roles as Community Managers in Sydney and Melbourne.

The roles are dynamic, and responsibilities will be allocated based on individual strengths and preferences. We are looking for a team to help us cover the following areas of responsibility:

  • Strategy
    • Determining EAA’s strategic priorities
    • Tracking and evaluating our impact
  • Marketing
    • Identifying and testing high-value growth opportunities
    • Managing marketing budget to spend on growth activities
  • Preparing and running events
    • Preparing events by building on existing material and developing new concepts
    • Running events and/or overseeing and supporting volunteers in running them
  • Management and coaching
    • Coordinating and supporting volunteers, staff, partners and local group leaders around Australia
    • Supporting people in learning more about effective altruism and applying it
    • Providing advice on donation and careers, facilitating connections with others
  • Coordination and networking
    • Responding to messages and requests from the community, general partners and partner organisations, etc
    • Coordinating with EA-related groups in across Australia and other EA groups worldwide

Because we are a small team, we need employees who can contribute in several of these areas. A Head of Community may also be responsible for helping to recruit and coordinate the state-based community managers.

Work hours are generally flexible, but evening and weekend work may be required for certain activities (e.g., running events). The work is remote as EAA does not have offices at the moment and you will likely need to occasionally travel within Australia and internationally.

We will hire a Head of Community and another 1-2 people depending on the experience and background of the candidates, and are open to different combinations of areas of responsibility. If you are interested in one or more of the above areas of work, we will encourage you to apply. Through the recruitment process we can find out together what a suitable role may be for you.

Regardless of areas of responsibility, we look for the following in a new employee:

  • Is dedicated to Effective Altruism Australia’s purpose
  • Is responsible, reliable, and communicates clearly
  • Is actively open-minded, appreciates feedback, and wants to grow in the role
  • Thrives on creating—and working in—efficient, productive systems

In all positions there are good opportunities for:

  • Personal and professional development
  • Forming networks in the international effective altruism movement
  • Gaining unique experience working in a small and ambitious team

About Effective Altruism Australia

Effective altruism is about doing good better. Effective Altruism Australia is part of the global network of Effective Altruism organisations, helping to maximise the good people can do. We help Australians use their donations to improve the world as much as possible by partnering with charities that have been rigorously evaluated and independently judged to be highly effective in improving lives.

Why these roles are important

Effective Altruism Australia has mostly run by volunteers. With focused effort from a small team, we feel we can grow the impact of the organisation by:

  1. Increasing the number of Australians who are familiar with Effective Altruism and who donate to Effective Altruism Australia and effective charities
  2. Increasing the number of highly-engaged members of the community who dedicate substantial amounts of effort to Effective Altruism Australia’s mission

We think we’ll achieve these outcomes by expanding and nurturing the community of people who share the values and behaviours of the Effective Altruism community, such as commitment to others, integrity, scientific mindset, openness, and collaborative spirit.

Recruitment Criteria

We expect a successful candidate to:

  1. Have demonstrated a commitment to the ideas of effective altruism
  2. Be able to communicate these ideas clearly
  3. Be able to work independently in a results-oriented and structured way
  4. Be able to work in a team, providing both support and accountability
  5. Track record of being able the big picture, think strategically, and prioritise accordingly

Fulfilling these additional criteria would be beneficial:

  • Experience in EA community building
  • A strong understanding of the relevant considerations determining the value of EA community building
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and excitement about collaborating and communicating with community members from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • Leadership and/or mentorship experience
  • Experience organising and running events such as discussions, talks, or seminars
  • In-depth knowledge of one or more cause areas in effective altruism
  • Experience in public speaking, social media, and/or writing articles

Many excellent candidates will have some (but not all) of these characteristics, and we encourage you to apply even if you do not have all of the characteristics listed in either of the categories.


The Head of Community’s package is between $107,000–$120,000, including salary, super, and NFP salary packaging benefits. All fixed-term / continuing EAA employees are eligible for entitlements outlined in the National Employment Standards (e.g., 4 weeks annual leave).

The role is fixed-term for minimum of 1 year. We aim to request a 2-year community building grant for this role to provide candidates with sufficient security to make long-term plans, but the length of the grant is at the discretion of the Centre for Effective Altruism.

To Apply

To apply, please complete this form and attach your resume/LinkedIn profile. Applications close on the 13th of May at 9am. You do not need to complete a cover letter, but instead will be asked the following questions in your application:

  • Provide a bullet-point summary of how you’ve demonstrated these core competencies (max 800 characters each):
    • Have demonstrated a commitment to the ideas of effective altruism
    • Be able to communicate these ideas clearly
    • Be able to work independently in a results-oriented and structured way
    • Be able to work in a team, providing both support and accountability
    • Track record of being able to see the big picture, think strategically, and prioritise accordingly
  • Assuming you got this role, what objectives would you set for yourself in the first six months (max 1,200 characters)?
  • For the most important of these objectives, outline how you would achieve it, how you would define success, and how you would protect against failure (max 2,000 characters)?

Applications will be assessed by the EA Australia board and team members of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). This is because the Centre for Effective Altruism is funding the role as part of their Community Building Grants program, so approval for appointment will be contingent upon CEA’s endorsement.

To assist fit for the role, shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete a paid work sample and may be asked to interview. We will notify you at each stage whether you advance in the process. The work sample will be of a general nature within the scope of the job role. It is designed to test your ability and subject-area competence rather than as functional work for EAA.

We are looking to fill these positions as soon as possible. We expect the hiring process to be finished by the middle of June. The starting date for the position will be determined together with successful applicants.

We’d be happy to discuss this opportunity with any potential applicants. Please contact Michael, Chair of EA Australia, with any questions you might have.

We are committed to building a diverse applicant pool. There is some evidence suggesting that individuals from underrepresented groups tend to underestimate their abilities. EA Australia does not want the application process to dissuade potential candidates. We strongly encourage interested candidates to apply regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, physical ability, educational background, socioeconomic status, etc.

Additional Information

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