Why AMF is so popular with effective altruists

Written by Veevek Doolabh

When talking about effective charities, it never seems to take too long for the Against Malaria Foundation to come up. It has consistently been rated one of the top charities recommended by GiveWell, a non-profit that evaluates charities according to evidence of their cost-effectiveness, transparency and ability to use more funding, so that well-meaning donors can maximise their impact. As such, the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is hugely popular with effective altruists around the world who want their donations to do as much good possible.

GiveDirectly and the largest universal basic income trial in history

Written by Vivian Stephens

Over 700 million people around the world currently live in extreme poverty. Billions of dollars are spent every year on anti-poverty programs to reduce this number. Traditionally, these anti-poverty programs have delivered in-kind support such as food, education, healthcare and infrastructure. While these interventions make a real difference to the lives of the poor, their bureaucratic and paternalistic nature means they can be inefficient or misguided.

Best charities for Australians to give to these holidays

The festive period inspires generosity in all of us, both towards our closest friends and family and towards charity. This kindness is heartening, though it’s also important to make sure that it is well-placed, helping people as much as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unsure of where to donate, not knowing where their money will go, or if it will even help.